Podcast Listing

Podcasts in English

The Lensless Podcast.

Corey and Andrew talk about all-things pinhole photography.

Weekly. New episodes on Fridays. (Podcasts linked from Anchor produce a player so you can hear the latest episode right here:)

The Homemade Camera Podcast

Nick and Graham cover the designing and building of cameras, the modification of existing cameras and the use and development of alternative photographic techniques.

Twice a month. New episodes on the 7th and 21st of each month.


The Sunny 16 Podcast

Graeme, Ade, and Rachel tackle all sorts of photographic topics centering on the film experience in the digital age.

Weekly. New episodes on Wednesdays.


Box of Cameras

Mr. Box of Cameras reaches in his box of cameras, pulls one out and talks about it.

New episodes every few days. (Podcasts linked from Anchor produce a player so you can hear the latest episode right here:)

First Person Shooter

Wes Bowker hosts a new photography podcast focused on family, film and creative process.



Classic Camera Revival

Classic Camera Revival is about promoting and reviewing pre-2000 camera gear, photographic mediums, and techniques!

Monthly, usually in the last week of the month.


Studio C-41

Three guys talking about the latest in Photography (especially Film Photography).

Twice monthly (or thereabouts) with one-on-one interviews between the main podcasts.


Negatives Positives Podcast

Mike (and sometimes Andre) talk about shooting film in a digital age, occasionally while drinking beer and bourbon.

Several times a week. (Podcasts linked from Anchor produce a player so you can hear the latest episode right here:)

Photography Matters

I don’t only discuss film photography, although that is where my passion is, so most of it will probably have a film photography theme, as well as general photography discussions. This podcast is pretty new. That would be great if you decide to include it.

Irregular release.



Film Photo Geeks

Film Photo Geeks is hosted by best friends Alex and Laura, both analog photography geeks. The show covers industry news, reviews of cameras and film, and includes interviews with guests focused on promoting projects. Always fun, always slightly irreverent. Join in on the fun.

Every two weeks.


A Light in the Dark Podcast

A journey into the darkroom experience. We will discuss techniques and conduct interviews with darkroom users. A place to ask questions and share answers.

Every two weeks.


The Classic Lenses Podcast

A weekly podcast about using classic manual focus lenses on film and digital cameras. Podcast hosts Simon Forster, Karl Havens, Johnny Sisson are admins on the Photography With Classic Lenses Facebook group:




Analog Talk

Christine Bartolucci and Timothy Ditzler talk about film photography. Each week they bring on a special guest co-host and discuss their love of photography.



Film Photography Podcast

Since 2009, our mission has been to inspire, engage and inform beginning and professional film photographers around the globe through our bi-weekly internet radio show, the Film Photography Podcast.

Every two weeks.


Soot and Whitewash

Soot and Whitewash is an ‘as and when’ podcast, in which I discuss my thoughts about anything analogue photography related. Drop me a recording in the anchor app, or email me – sootandwhitewash@gmail.com

Irregular release.

Island By Film (Island X Film)

The “Island By Film Podcast” is a weekly film photography podcast from Vancouver Island Canada. Join me while I discuss film photography news, camera & film review’s along with all of the additional randomness that may happen while living on an island in the Pacific.



10 Rolls Of Film

Musings about photography, film cameras, art, life and other things that make it all worthwhile. Host: Leo Nikishin.



Matt Loves Cameras

Matt Loves Cameras features film camera reviews, instant camera reviews and everything analogue photography related! This photography podcast features all sorts of cameras including instant, 35mm and 120 roll film classics! I will also feature cameras that shoot film formats like 127, 126, APS and of course 110 cartridge film. Host: Matt Murray.

Every two weeks.


Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras

Join the Shutter Brothers, Kelley and Kevin Lane, as they journey ever onward toward a return to film photography. Each new episode will feature specific film-related topics, such as cameras, film selection, home processing, and photography techniques, and the brothers will attempt to answer your questions, too. It’s all about putting the “fun” back into photography!

Every two weeks.


The Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast

A new podcast from the Enfants Terribles/Insufferable Bores from Emulsive and 35mmc. It’s nothing special, in fact, we’re surprised anyone listens to it. It’s enough to send Andre Domingues to sleep!


(link coming soon)

Large Format Film Photography Podcast

Photography podcast superstars, Andrew Bartram and Simon Forster combine Andrew’s knowledge of large format photography base with Simon’s lack of it to produce a show that’s aimed at both experienced users and complete beginners. The LFPP is published every two weeks on a Friday.

Every two weeks.


Get Started With Film Photography Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the new film photographer and to photographers getting back into film photography for the first time in a long time. Episodes are not chronological and are meant to be listened to in any order you please. Topics are in the titles.


Once monthly Question and Answer episodes

Grainy Dayz

A film Photography podcast hosted by three Friends across America. Each episode Dustin, Mac, Pete, and sometimes a guest discuss finding your style, working on projects, community news, and all sorts of other interesting subjects. Come join the guys weekly and get your film fix.


Embrace the Grain

Each week Sherry Christensen chats about topics related to both film and digital photography. Topics vary each week but focus mainly on film photography and her unique perspective.


Podcasts in Swedish (Podcasts På Svenska)

Mellan Skarpa och Korn

A Swedish analog photography podcast. Jonas and Sina take on guests to talk about a theme per episode along with interviews of the photographers work.

Irregular release.


Podcasts in German (Podcasts auf Deutsch)

Absolut Analog

Hello, we are Monika Andrae and Chris Marquardt. Together we live in the Viewfinder Villa and the analog photography is so our thing. So much so that we wrote the book. On this podcast, we look at film photography from different angles.
Irregular release